Lets Talk!   There's a great day coming yawl!!! What a day of rejoicing it's gonna be! Can't wait to see Him! Shout "Over There"! #newmusic #latitudetour #dont@issot #greatestshowonearth #getthere
 TWG LATITUDE TOUR San Jose...there is still time to purchase a ticket  Listen y'all...our big Bro, @edawkins (one of the singingest folks out here!!🤦‍♂️) is opening up for the #latitudetour this Saturday with special guest @bobbycash74 April 8th in LA @hopeshousecm  if you ain't got ya tickets yet...wyd fam...don't miss the start of #thegreatestshowonearth !! Ride The wave yo.. lol we dont throw away band wagoners!  get hip and get ya tickets now on type "TWG latitude" and search for your city! (Some cities still pending so be patient please)
 As we danced the night away!!!!!!!!!!!! Bay Area!!!!! Where u at?!!!!!! Get here tonight! Tonight! Tonight!!!! Oh yeah.... wear your dancing shoes!!!!! #latitudetour #teamwalls #thegreatestshowonearth #liberatedatmosphere (SWIPE LEFT to view more videos)  R kelly said it best
 LETS GO LOS ANGELES!!! There's a direct link in our bio!! CLICK THAT THANG!!!! Let's go!!!!!! GET YOUR TICKET IF U DONT ALREADY HAVE IT!!!
 Bakersfield! We HERE! TWG Latitude tour kicks off tonight here!!!! Our brothers @danieljlive & @briancourtneywilson here to cut up too!
 Yo.... This Weekend!!! IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!



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